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Los Angeles Hydrojetting

Los Angeles Hydrojetting

Finding The Best Los Angeles Hydrojetting Company

What do you look for when you need to hire the best Los Angeles hydrojetting company?

Hydro Jetting is the most important development in drain-cleaning technology in the last 100 years. Infinitely superior to the technique of auguring (also known as “snaking”), hydrojetting is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to remove an obstruction from any sewer line in Los Angeles. Hydrojetting is the best way to remove any build-up which can accumulate in a sewer line or drain: it removes silt, sand, paper clogs, hair clogs, scales, sand, and tree roots from sewer lines or drains. Hydrojetting is also used on an ongoing basis to clear restaurant grease traps.

When Do You Need Hydro Jetting?

If you find that your toilets and/or sinks backing up every time you flush the toilet or run a faucet, it is highly likely that you have a major obstruction in your sewer line. This blockage can be caused by any of a number of factors:

  • Excessive build-up of paper (especially paper towels) and other foreign objects (like baby wipes) that have gotten into your sewer system;
  • Underground tree roots or the roots of grasses and plants which have intruded into the pipe and continue to grow, preventing water from flowing freely and causing backups.

Often, a plumbing obstruction can be cleared by cabling the line with an augering tool (also known as a “snake”). However, if the obstruction is located more than 100 feet inside the pipe, cabling becomes less effective. When you need something more than a simple cabling device, Hydro Jetting is the way to go: it can clear even the most stubborn sewer line stoppages, literally blasting away the most stubborn obstruction with its powerful jet of water.

How Is HydroJetting Done?

STEP 1: Video Camera Inspection

When our drain-cleaning technicians arrive at your home or place of business, the first thing they will do is to insert a video camera into the pipe and camera the line. Hydrojetman Los Angeles uses the latest fiber-optic video camera equipment, which tells the technician exactly where the stoppage is situated. The camera also lets our technician, as well as you the customer, get a close-up look at the obstruction. If there are roots impeding the line, we will see them; if it is a line blockage caused by excessive build-up of paper towels or those unflushable baby wipes, we will see it; if the pipe is damaged or broken, we will see it. The camera also shows us exactly how far into the line we will have to insert the hydro jet hose in order to reach the obstruction and blast it away.

STEP 2: Pressure Jetting The Line

After we camera the line, we know more about the nature of the obstruction and its exact location. Then we insert the Hydro Jet hose into the line. The Hydro Jet has a special cleaning nozzle which delivers up to 5,000 psi of high-pressure water. This nozzle is inserted into the line. Sometimes we need to do more than one pass with the hydrojet machine before the device fully scours away those extremely stubborn blockages such as tree roots.

STEP 3: Quality Inspection

When our technician is sure he has successfully removed the obstruction, he will camera the line one more time to be quite certain that the blockage has in fact been removed. The line should now be cleared, and water (or waste) can now flow at peak capacity. If the line is not yet cleared and needs another pass with the hydrojet machine, the camera will tell us. If we have to, we then do another pass with the hydrojet. We then check to see if all toilets flush and all drains flow.

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