What is Hydro Jetting?

Routine Hydrojetting Can Keep Your Drains  and Sewer Clean

Hydrojetting (power jet cleaning) is the greatest advance in plumbing technology in the last century. Hydrojetting is done by Hydro Jet machine that generates a powerful, high-pressure jet of water that can be inserted into a plumbing or sewer pipe to literally blast away even the most stubborn obstacle in a drain or pipe.

Know The Causes of Sewer Stoppages

Drains will clog. It’s a rule. Over time, grease and minerals build up and eventually clog the pipe. Other debris, from food to hair to paper towels also contribute to clogs. And underground tree roots can be a big problem too.

The most simple drain stoppage in Los Angeles can be cleared with a simple plunger. If that doesn’t work, you can use a plumbing auger (also called a “snake”). These devices can be activated either by hand or by electric power. The snake has a set of blades in its head that rotate and bore through the stoppage.

But sometimes none of these simple tools will work: when your toilets, sinks and drains all start backing up, you have a main line stoppage deep in the sewer line under your house: no plunger or snake is going to do that job. This problem may need hydro jetting, and since the hydro-jet is a very powerful tool and can be dangerous in untrained hands, a qualified and licensed plumbing contractor must be contracted when you need jetting to clear a main line stoppage with a hydro-jet machine.

Deciding If The Hydro Jet Is The Right Tool For You

The first thing the plumber will do on arrival is to camera the line. This will tell the plumber two things: what the obstruction looks like, and how far down the line it is. When he has taken a good look, the plumber has to make some decisions:

Will the hydro-jet machine be sufficient, or should the blockage first be augured? 

Sometimes this is necessary, but is usually not possible if the stoppage is more than 100 feet into the line.

Are The Pipes Damaged?

If they are broken or otherwise compromised, using a hydro-jet will further damage the pipes and make your situation worse. nobody knows the actual reason behind growth of tree roots, but tree roots grow usually in summer winter and fall, on time hydro jetting can help to prevent any sewer line stoppages caused by tree roots.

If the plumber decides that the pipes are okay, he may first augur if possible to at least drill a hole through the obstruction before inserting the hydro-jet which will break up the obstruction, wash it away down the line, and also clean and scour the insides of your pipes. If he can’t augur or it’s too far in, he will use the hydro-jet machine by itself.

The hydro-jet machine builds up to 5,000 psi of water pressure. Very little can stand in its way of a water jet with that much power. If you hold your hand in front of a hydro-jet when it’s on, it will blow your fingers off. The hydro-jet has several jets that propel it forward – all the plumber has to do is keep pushing in the hose further and further until it reaches the obstruction.

One More Time With The Video Camera

An experienced plumber can usually hear or feel when the water breaks through the obstruction and finally washes it away. But a good plumber will never rely just on a feeling – he will again insert he video camera into the pipe and camera the line again to make sure the obstruction has been cleared away completely.

Sometimes it is necessary to do more than one pass with the hydro-jet, especially if the obstruction is caused by a build-up of tree roots. But in most residential situations, one pass with the hydro-jet is usually enough to clear almost any main line stoppage. And the video camera will tell you when you have succeeded.

How Much Should I Pay For Hydro Jetting in Los Angeles?

  • The price really depends on the situation and The only way to clear out the tree roots is Hydro Jetting!

Hydrojet plumbing requires a sophisticated machine and an experienced technician trained in its use. With a hydrojet, your drain cleaning cost will be higher than it would be if you were able to go the snaking or plunging route. But when the obstruction is stubborn, or when it is way into the line, or if there has been extensive build-up on the insides of your pipes, nothing. In other words Power Jetting can be the best drain cleaning solution if you are having extensive build up such as tree roots etc…

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The average residential hydro jetting job can use up to 2,000 lbs of water to clean out a big obstruction – and that’s too much water to tow on city streets.

Hydro jetting sewer lines is the most effective method of totally removing obstructions, washing them away, and scouring the insides of your pipes. Give us a call and get a great price on our great hydro jet drain cleaning services using the latest equipment and technology.

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