The Leading Los Angeles Hydro Jetting Company

Like our name suggests “Hydrojetman” is the leading provider of high-pressure water-jetting drain-cleaning services in Los Angeles. We have been in business for a decade, and we have earned a great reputation for being the most reliable hydro-jetting company in Los Angeles.

We have made a major investment in the latest hydro-jet equipment, and we have highly-trained service technicians who know all about these wonderful machines and exactly how to use them for best effect. When you think Los Angeles hydrojet drain-cleaning services, think Hydrojetman Los Angeles.

The hydro-jet is a machine that delivers a high-pressure stream of water. This power jet-stream of water can be forced through a sewer line or grease trap line and will clear even the most stubborn obstruction in the pipes.Hydro-Jetting Uses Water Pressure to Clear Lines.

One of the main causes of mainline obstructions is underground tree roots in Los Angeles. These tree roots enter through holes or breaks in the pipe, getting into the pipe and then growing inside the pipe, eventually becoming large enough to prevent water or sewage from flowing through the pipe. Stoppages also occur because of build-up of toilet paper, paper towels, food and grease.

At a certain point, your drainage system stops flowing and you start getting backups in the toilet, the bathtub, the sinks, the shower, and other drains. That’s when you call us. When a customer calls us with a waste line stoppage, we come out with the latest hydro-jet machine and take care of the problem in a jiffy.

Usually, the first thing we do is camera the line. This will show us exactly where the stoppage is located and how far down we have to insert the hydro-jet hose.  Then we fill the machine with water. We have to fill up the machine onsite – water weighs 7 lbs per gallon, and these machines can hold up to 300 gallons, so we cannot fill them up at our shop because it would be too heavy to transport.

The hydro-jet machines are equipped with powerful diesel engines. It takes a few minutes to build up to the desired pressure after we turn on the machines, but pretty soon enough pressure builds up to generate as much as 5,000 lbs per square inch – enough force to blast away virtually any obstruction.

The hydro-jet machine has a very long hose. Sometimes we must insert the hose a hundred or more feet into the pipe to get it to the right place where the stoppage is located.  When the job is done, and we believe we have cleared the line, we again camera the line to make sure the stoppage has been cleared.

Then we physically flush and test all drains, toilets and sinks to make sure they are operating normally now that the waste line stoppage has been cleared.

Using a hydro-jet machine requires an expert, and our plumbing service technicians have all received special training in the use of these sophisticated machines. We are certified operators of the leading hydro-jet systems. We have made a major investment in several of the latest models of these machines, and we keep up to date on the the latest developments in the jetting and high-pressure water business.

We service residential and commercial clients with our hydro-jet equipment. Restaurants are some our biggest accounts – they need to keep those grease traps and main lines free of all the oily, greasy substances that inevitably build up in food-preparation facilities and kitchens. The hydro-jet machine is incredible: it creates such a powerful stream of water that nothing can stand in its way.

The hydro-jet machine is easily the most important new development in mainline and sewer line plumbing in a long time. We have several of these machines and we are called out every day to clear another waste line stoppage with one of these wonderful devices.

Call Hydrojetman now and make an appointment for one of our qualified hydrojet service technicians to come out and clear that stubborn blockage in your main sewer line. Our prices are reasonable and we always provide you with a written warranty on our labor.