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Newport Beach Hydrojet Plumbing Services

Newport Beach Hydrojet Drain-Cleaning Services.

HydrojetMan is the most respected and renowned Newport Beach hydrojet drain-cleaning service. We are known all over town for the quality of our plumbing service and the integrity of our plumbing service technicians. We are the proud owners of several new hydrojet machines, and our technicians go through extensive training on the hydrojet machine before we let them take one out on a job. Not a day goes by that we don’t take out one of our hydrojet machines to a Newport Beach residential home or business location to clear an obstruction in a waste line or grease trap.

Hydrojet Generates A High Pressure Stream of Water

Hydro-jet technology generates a very powerful stream of water, which we then force through a waste line or grease trap. The jet stream is usually capable of removing any material causing an obstruction in the waste line.

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What are the major causes of waste line blockages? Tree roots is one of the major causes of these waste line stoppages. Underground tree roots will grow inside cracked, rusted or damaged pipes, and will grow big enough to block the pipes and obstruct the flow of water and waste. And the second major cause of pipe blockages is paper towels. Yep, paper towels. Paper towels should not be disposed of in the toilet: paper towels and other material that can build up and cause a blockage should be thrown in the trash before they build up in the pipes and eventually cause a serious stoppage. You know you have a waste line stoppage when you flush the toilet and water starts backing up into your sinks, shower or bathtub. And something must be done about it right away. Just call us and we can be there with our hydrojet machines within an hour of your call to blast away the stoppage and clear your lines.

Not a day goes by when we don’t get a call from a Newport Beach business or homeowner to come out with a hydrojet machine to clear a waste line stoppage. And many well-known Newport Beach restaurants regularly call us to maintain their grease traps and keep their kitchens running smoothly.

When we arrive at the scene of a waste line stoppage, one of the first things we do is to insert a video camera into the line to scope out exactly what the problem is. And where it is. The camera will tell us what the nature of the stoppage is, and will also tell us how far down the blockage is and how much hydrojet hose we will need to insert into the line. Sometimes the stoppage is located a hundred feet or more down the line.

Now our work starts. We first need to fill the hydrojet with water. Why don’t we fill it at the shop before we arrive? Simple: water is too heavy for us to do this. At 7 lbs per gallon, the water would weigh over 2,000 lbs – way too much weight to tow. So we fill up when we get to your location.

In a few minutes, the tank is full. The the hydrojet’s powerful motor then kicks in and starts to build up water pressure. After a while, the machine has built up enough pressure to be able to send a stream of water with up to 5,000 lbs per square inch into the pipe. This is usually sufficient force to remove any blockage in the line.

How do we know when the line has been cleared? Plumbers with our level of experience can usually tell when the line has been cleared. But to make sure, after we feel that the line has been cleared, we will then reinsert the camera into the line and make absolutely sure that we have succeeded. The video camera will clearly demonstrate that the line is now cleared and that the water is again flowing the way it should.

The next thing to do is make sure we have done the job right: we flush the toilets and run water down a few of the drains to see if the water goes down. If the toilet flushes and the water goes down the drains instead of backing up, it means we have cleared the line stoppage.

Hydrojet machines are complex equipment, and it is necessary to be trained in their use. All our service techs have been trained in the correct operation of the hydrojet. We have invested in several of the latest models of hydrojet equipment, and our plumbers adore them. And our Newport Beach customers also love them – they blow away obstructions so easily and quickly.

If the waste line in your home is stopped up, or if your restaurant grease trap is backing up and causing problems, Hydrojetman is the outfit to call to deal with it in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the city of Newport Beach, and we have an excellent reputation as the Number One hydrojet company in Newport Beach. With our amazing, state-of-the-art hydro-jet machines, we can remove just about any stubborn line stoppage.

When you find yourself in a situation where your drains are backing up because you have a waste line stoppage or obstruction, the only company to call in Newport Beach is Hydrojetman. One call to us and within the hour we can dispatch a qualified, experienced hydrojet technician to visit you and remove that stoppage. Everyone knows our company and has seen our blue and white plumbing vans all over town. We have a great reputation for providing great service at very reasonable prices, and we always supply our customers with a written warranty on parts and labor.

Hydrojetman services the city of Newport Beach as well as neighboring surrounding communities within a thirty minute drive, including Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Irvine, Santa Ana, Laguna Beach, Tustin, Aliso Viejo, Westminster, Garden Grove, Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills, Orange, Tustin Foothills, and Seal Beach.

Talk to the king of hydrojetting at HydroJetMan and get professional help to remove that waste line stoppage right now.