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Long Beach Hydrojet Plumbing Services

The Top HydroJet Plumbing Company in Long Beach.

HydrojetMan is known all over town as the leading independent hydrojet plumbing company in Long Beach. Operating throughout the city for over ten years, we also service the neighboring towns and communities. We have an excellent track record for providing reliable and cost-effective Long Beach hydrojet services at very reasonable prices, using the latest technology hydro-jetting machines on the market. Known all over Long Beach for our excellent hydro jetting services, we work very hard to protect our good name and reputation, and we never rest until our customers are completely satisfied. A significant portion of our service business comes from satisfied repeat customers who would never go anywhere else after they have experienced our top-quality hydrojet services. Many of our customers refer us to their neighbors, family, friends and business associates. Hydrojetman is very thankful to have so many loyal Long Beach customers.

The Newest Hydrojet Machines and Experienced Technicians.

Our policy is to hire only the best hydrojet technicians around. Our guys have years of experience with all the latest hydrojet equipment and they know how to operate these sophisticated and powerful devices. A state-certified California state plumbing contractor, our service technicians are all fully insured. When you work with HydroJetMan of Long Beach, you always have total peace of mind. All our hydrojet operators are friendly and courteous: many times our customers ask us to send out the same technician they saw last time they called us to resolve a plumbing issue.

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Huge Investment in the Latest Hydrojet Equipment and Technology.

As plumbing technicians, Hydrojetman Long Beach loves to work with the latest technology and the most advanced, most modern equipment. We are constantly investing in the very newest tools and technology. This allows our hydrojet operators to do a superb job every time, and lets us remain a step ahead of our competitors.
We own several of the most advanced hydrojet machines in the industry. These amazing and versatile machines force a powerful 5,000-lb per square-inch stream of water through your drainage system, and can clear the most difficult stoppages – like underground tree roots in residential sewer lines or built-up grease in restaurant grease traps – to get your system running smoothly again.

In addition to owning all the latest hydro jetting equipment, we have several other advanced tools and equipment to resolve your plumbing issues.

  • Perma-Liner system, a method of “trenchless technology”, which allows us to re-line a sewer line or main water line with the minimum amount of digging. This technology allows us to do our work without having to dig up the yard or the lawn. It also enables us to do our important work without doing damage to mature trees. Unlike most other plumbers, who care very little about the environment while they do their job, Hydrojetman Long Beach cares about the effect we have on the environment, and we try to leave the smallest footprint possible. We spend a lot of money every year buying the very latest environmentally-friendly tools and equipment so we can do the job right and have the least possible effect on the environment.

  • The latest electronic equipment for locating and detecting pipe breaks and leaks wherever they might be – under the ground or a slab of concrete, or even behind a wall. These tools allow us to keep the amount of necessary digging to a minimum. We at HydroJetMan know our stuff and we know how to use these sophisticated machines. We are experts and we do the job right first time – every time.

Complete Line of Plumbing and Rooter Services.

HydroJetMan is a full-service plumbing and rooter company, and there is nothing in plumbing we can’t do and haven’t done many times before in our professional lives. We are comfortable in residential, commercial and industrial settings, and know how to handle any and all plumbing problems. We handle those little things like repairing defective faucets and leaking pipes, we are experts at unclogging stopped sinks, drains, toilets and tubs, we can change faucets or shower heads. And we also handle major things like installing garbage disposals and water heaters, we can re-pipe an entire home or commercial building, and we even do new construction, or we can retrofit a complete home or an entire building to code.

If you have a stoppage, flood, serious leak or any other plumbing issue that needs to be resolved immediately, give us a call and we can be at your doorstep usually within an hour of your placing the call.

We are a Clean, “Green” Drain-Cleaning Machine.

HydroJetMan has made a major commitment to the environment with our latest “green” initiative. Our entire office is now fully computerized and we don’t use paper any longer – we are now totally “paperless”. Beginning at the initial work order, through the dispatch and the scheduling, all the way to billing and invoicing, everything is done on our computer system, saving a lot of time and reducing the amount of paper we use in the office. All our service techs have their own smartphones, and when the job is done, they hand you the smartphone and you sign on the smartphone. In an instant, your invoice is delivered to your email inbox, along with our written warranty on parts and labor for which we are famous.

Of course, if you need a written copy of your invoice for business or tax purposes, we are always ready to provide you with a printed “paper” copy. Most property managers require a printed copy of the invoice, and retail store accounts usually printed documents and invoices. If you need a printed copy, just call us and we will send it over to you by Fax or in the mail, whichever you prefer.

We Serve Long Beach and Surrounding Neighborhoods.

HydrojetMan proudly serves the city of Long Beach, and we also serve the neighboring towns and communities within a thirty-minute drive, including the communities of Seal Beach, Lakewood, West Carson, Lomita, Paramount, Bellflower, Artesia, Cypress and Cerritos. One call to HydrojetMan and your drains will be flowing smoothly again thanks to our wonderful hydrojet technology.

We Charge Reasonable Rates and Always Provide a Written Warranty.

The rates we charge for our regular plumbing services or our advanced hydrojet services are always fair and reasonable. Although people often request a cost estimate in advance, we don’t like to guess, so we don’t give estimates over the phone without first seeing the situation at hand. After our plumbing tech has arrived at your door, he performs a thorough evaluation of your situation and makes a decision as to the most effective approach to this particular job. He will give you his informed opinion about the best route to take to resolve this issue, and he will tell you in advance exactly how much the job will cost. When you have approved the plumber’s plan of action and you have approved the price he quoted you, then we begin the job. And our techs have instructions to clean up on completion of the work. And we always provide our customers with a written warranty on all parts and labor: our work is guaranteed, so you always have peace of mind when dealing with HydroJetMan Long Beach.