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Pasadena HydroJetting Services


Pasadena has grown since the late 1800s. Many houses and commercial properties in this area are old, and all sorts of plumbing problems can develop with those old galvanized pipes. Hydrojetman Pasadena has provided hydrojetting service to this great town for a decade. We know what we’re doing. And we have trained technicians with the latest equipment. When you need a plumber, Pasadena residents call us first.

We take indoor running water for granted. Plumbing is something you don’t think about until something goes wrong. When you need the services of a professional plumber Pasadena residents know they can call on Hydrojetman for quality plumbing and drain-cleaning services. Since 2008, Hydrojetman has provided the full range of plumbing services to homeowners and businesses in Pasadena and throughout the metro Los Angeles area. When you need a plumber in Pasadena, we are the company to call.

We are the top plumbing and drain-cleaning service in the metro Los Angeles area. We provide quality residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services. When it comes to plumbing in Pasadena, we are the best.

For sewer line repair, Pasadena property owners will find Hydrojetman the professionals company of choice. For drain cleaning Pasadena residents are in the best hands with Hydrojetman. Before you call for a rooter in Pasadena, call us here at Hydrojetman.

If you need the reliable, high-tech leak detection Pasadena areas need, come to Hydrojetman Plumbing for all your leak detection. With exceptional services that operate round the clock, our technicians will be glad to assist you with any leak problem. With Hydrojetman Plumbing, you never need to worry about leaky pipes: just call!

To find out more about our professional plumbing and drain cleaning services in Pasadena, please read on.


We’re incredibly excited here at Hydrojetman to be providing Pasadena residents with plumbing and drain cleaning services you can really count on. We’re the plumber Pasadena can trust to get the job done at a quick, affordable rate, and with clean and lasting results. The last thing anyone needs to get caught up with is plumbing problems, and here at Hydrojetman we get that.

We are proud to be the Pasadena plumber who knows how to get the job done right. We usually respond to your call within the hour, and since we have trucks all over Southern California, we have teams ready to get you fast. And you will get service with a smile. When you experience a problem with your plumbing, Pasadena residents know to call Hydrojetman first.

Whether you have a leaky faucet, burst pipes, or plumbing systems that need updating or installing, we’re the plumber in Pasadena to call to resolve any plumbing or drain issue. We have competitive rates, and a decade of service that make us a team you can trust to get the job done well – whatever your needs may be.

The Incredible Hydrojet – Clearing Lines with High Pressure Water

If you are experiencing problems with a blocked sewer line, the incredible hydrojet machine is the best way to clear the line and wash away the obstruction. Hydro-jet technology generates a very powerful stream of water, which is forced down a waste line or grease trap removing any obstruction which has been preventing water or waste from flowing freely.
If you need hydrojetting in Pasadena, HydrojetMan is the number one provider of hydrojet drain-cleaning services. Your neighbors probably know our services. We are proud owners of several of the very latest hydrojet machines, all our plumbing technicians have received advanced training in handling these sophisticated devices, and not a day goes by when we don’t haul one of our hydrojet machines to a customer’s home or place of business to clear the lines in the most effective and efficient way.
Wasteline blockages can be caused by a number of factors. One of the main ones is underground tree roots. These find a way inside a broken or damaged pipe, and continue to grow inside the pipe until it causes a stoppage in the flow of waste. Another cause is excessive buildup of paper towels. Paper towels are best thrown in the garbage, and not down the drain. When enough debris builds up, a stoppage occurs. You will know this is happening because the bathtub or shower starts backing up every time you flush the toilet. Or the toilet itself keeps backing up. At this point, there is nothing you can do but call us to bring our equipment to jet away the obstruction.
Every day, residential and commercial customers call us to bring out one of our hydrojet machines to clear a waste line. Or if it’s a restaurant, to come and clean out and unblock the grease trap. Many of the best restaurants in Pasadena and throughout metro Los Angeles are our regular customers, and depend on us to keep their systems running smoothly with regular maintenance.
The first thing we do when we arrive at your property is to camera the line. The only way to see exactly what is causing the stoppage is to insert one of our state-of-the-art video cameras into the line and take a look. The camera not only tells us what the stoppage looks like, but also shows us how far down the blockage is and how much hose we will have to insert. We sometimes need more than a hundred feet of hose to reach the site of the blockage.
Then we go to work. First, the machine must be filled with water – we can’t carry the water on our trucks because it would be too heavy and unstable. Carrying 300 gallons of water at 8+ pounds per gallon is not a good idea. So we fill up the tank at your place.
After a few minutes, the tank starts filling up with water. Then we turn on the hydrojet’s powerful diesel motor and we wait a few minutes while the machine builds up the necessary pressure. We can generate a water stream with up to 5,000 lbs of pressure per square inch – enough to clear any stoppage in the line.
An experienced plumbing technician can usually sense when the stoppage has been cleared. But to be absolutely certain, we send our camera in there again to make sure. The camera shows us that the stoppage has been removed and water is now running smoothly.

The other way to make sure the line is cleared is to flush the toilet and run water down a drain. If the toilet flushes correctly and the drains do not back up when you run water down them, your stoppage has been cleared.
These hydrojet machines are very sophisticated devices, and you have to know exactly how to use them. Our technicians have all received advanced training in the use of hydrojet machines, And our customers love the machines too, because they solve problems so quickly and effectively.
Whether it’s a stoppage in a residential waste line, or a blocked grease trap in a restaurant, we take care of it for you. Hydrojetman Pasadena provides professional drain-cleaning services to residential and commercial customers all over Pasadena and throughout the metro Los Angeles area. These incredible hydro-jet machines can clear just about any waste line blockage.
If you are dealing with a line stoppage, you owe it to yourself to call the experts in hydrojetting. Call HydroJetMan and schedule one of our expert hydrojet plumbers to pay you a visit and take care of that sewer-line stoppage. We are known all over town for our expert professional service, our reasonable prices, and the written warranty which we provide to all our customers.
Consult with the hydrojet experts at HydroJetMan and clear that line today.


Those old Pasadena sewer pipes are starting to deteriorate with time. We provide sewer repair Pasadena businesses and homeowners can trust to be quick, affordable and relatively painless. We know that when a sewer cracks or needs to be replaced, it’s not something that you look forward to dealing with, but we want to make sure that all of our customers know that we’re committed to making this process as simplified as possible so that it doesn’t add stress to your day any more than it has to.

Whether a sewer main breaks in a Pasadena office building, apartment house, or residential family home, we provide our customers in Pasadena sewer replacement and repair that causes minimal disruption and no cosmetic damage, getting the problem fixed fast. We’ll dig a small trench, replace the pipe quickly and get you back to daily life. Since we charge by the job, not the hour, you can count on us getting in and out quickly so that your home or business isn’t further disrupted.

And for businesses or homes that are wary of that cosmetic damage, we provide trenchless sewer repair Pasadena customers are very pleased with. Trenchless repair methods are a smart, innovative way to use only a small incision to access a sewer line and apply epoxy, or even completely replace the sewer line. It’s a simple, minimally invasive process. And it works!

So whether you’re a big organization occupying a giant building, or a small storefront in downtown Pasadena, or an owner of one of those fabulous suburban Pasadena homes, we help you cause minimal delays with foot traffic and keeping customers away from your business. For customers in Pasadena, trenchless sewer line replacement is the ideal option as it reduces the time getting repairs done and getting your home or business back to normal as soon as possible.


Whether your water levels have been dipping or your groundwater monitoring indicates that you have a leak in your pipes—or you just have a pesky drip in the pipes under your sink, our team will come in with the latest electronic leak detection equipment that allows us to quickly identify the problem. We provide leak detection Pasadena customers are extremely pleased with because we can find all of the hairline cracks and pinhole leaks, and leave nothing behind.
We’ll quickly care water leak detection Pasadena customers need, so that you can continue to conserve water, and you aren’t losing it to hard-to-identify cracks. We also give residents of Pasadena pipe repair that lasts—we won’t need to come back for “touch ups” later. We pride ourselves in being able to apply epoxy we need to, create patches and get your leaks fixed fast.


Unfortunately, water leaks are not the only kind of leaks that you may have to deal with in your home. Gas leaks are a very common and very dangerous thing that you need to get taken care of as soon as possible. If you can smell gas, then you should immediately call Hydrojetman to get the problem addressed. We provide gas line repair Pasadena customers can trust to patch up any holes and apply the necessary reparations.
Additionally, we provide gas line installation Pasadena businesses and homes can take advantage of as a smart way to upgrade to such things as gas fire pits, heaters and fireplaces. It’s a great way to get your customers outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, while also keeping them warm on those cooler nights.


One thing we really love about Pasadena is that is a thriving business capitol. From places like the Pasadena business complex, to housing such major companies as Samsung, Toshiba, Mazda, Kia and more,Pasadena is a place where large corporations can thrive.
With that in mind, we are proud to be the commercial plumber Pasadena can rely on to get even the biggest corporate and industrial jobs taken care of. With teams all over the area, we have the tools and the manpower to take care of your business’s plumbing problems as well as installations. We are available before and after business hours as well, so as not to disrupt work.
Providing Pasadena commercial plumbing is just one more way that we love serving this great community. Whatever your business needs in its plumbing systems to get ahead, from irrigation for a beautiful front bed of plants, to internal system for a large infrastructure, we can help you get what you need fast.


When your drains are backed up worse than the El Toro Y, you know there’s a problem. We provide Pasadena drain cleaning that gives fast affordable solutions. Whether you need a snake, hydro-jet unclogging or a chemical solution, we can get the smallest and biggest problems out of your drain. Ever dropped your wedding ring down the sink? Don’t go fishing where you don’t want to go, just give the drain cleaner Pasadena trusts a call, and we’ll take care of it in a flash.
When you need the drain cleaning Pasadena customers are rushing to for fast service, don’t trust the other guys—just give Hydrojetman a call, and we’ll be in and out without all the mess.


We also provide the rooter service Pasadena needs when bigger problems than the OC Great Park Air Balloon start to affect your external plumbing systems. Whether it’s a pesky tree root that’s threatening to damage your main septic line, or something clogging external piping, we’re the rooter Pasadena trusts to get the muck out and get your potable water flowing safely to your home.
Don’t wait for a compromised plumbing system to negatively affect your family. When tree roots and other harmful agents begin to affect your potable water, you need to trust a rooter like Hydrojetman to come in and get your water back to a safe state.